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Web Design

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Our web design team focuses on building websites that streamline content and feature efficient navigation—the most content with the least amount of clicks—so your brand message gets across quickly and clearly. The website content needs to be timely and relevant—compelling content that keeps a visitor on your site.

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Social Media Marketing

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PhoenixiTek will create a strong social media marketing campaign for your business that will generate traffic, create leads, and unify your brand across social networks while supplying you with qualified clients.

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From brilliant home page designs and clear product pages to one-page checkout, you can easily showcase your products & services to offer your audience an ultimate shopping experience. This delivers a brilliantly designed online cart that can work on varied platforms and features all the business-centric aspects.

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SEO Services

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Once a site is designed, implementing an SEO strategy is critical to its long-term success. The design of your website affects how long people stay on your website, what pages they visit and the actions they take. Your SEO plan will affect the amount of website traffic and whether you are attracting your ideal customer. You need both to succeed.

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Mobile Compatiblity

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A responsive website is a dynamic design well equipped to show up naturally on any size screen its viewed upon.  A responsive design will, for the most part, be compatible with most devices including smartphones, notebooks, tablets etc.

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Business Solutions

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Your Business has needs, and when crunch time hits, PhoenixiTek is there to meet those needs. Whether it’s a graphic design, copy writing, some Business cards, fliers or a banner, We’ll deliver.

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IT and Networking

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Need reliable IT support? Need it affordable? We can help. Phoenix iTek is a leader in providing IT support services, computer network support and network consulting services for integrated networks in Central Illinois.

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Website Hosting

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Reliable Web hosting is a necessity. Utilizing ultra fast Cloud Computing technologies and providing powerful security solutions, we don’t only provide reliable web hosting, but rock solid quality. Stability, Power, Speed… All while being user friendly.

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Site Management

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It’s your job to focus on the business. Let us be your web administrators. Your site requires constant upkeep in order to be successful. Our Site Management Plans include Monthly site Management, routine maintenance, and Troubleshooting to keep you business’s presence to the rest of the world operating at the fullest capacity.

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Cloud Servers

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PhoenixiTek Compute is now available! Best of all, getting your hosting infrastructure closer to your customer base does not require any long term contracts. So, what are you waiting for? Deploy servers on 4 continents with just a few clicks!

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