Client Satisfaction Survey.

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Client Satisfaction Survey.

Thank you for choosing to to work with PhoenixiTek on your website. In an effort to continually improve the level of service we provide to our clients, we would appreciate any feedback you can provide on your experience in working with us.

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How satisfied were you with your final website?

Was your project completed within the desired time frame that you specified?

Were your project requirements met?

How satisfied are you with the level communication during your project's development?

Do you feel that PhoenixiTek answered any questions you may have had during the project development in a manner you fully understood?

When your website was launched, do you feed that you were instructed properly on how to manage your website?

How likely are you to use PhoenixiTek again for future advertising/web projects?

How likely are you to refer PhoenixiTek to friends or another business?

If you are willing to write a brief testimonial to share your experience in working with us, please do so in this box.

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If there was any part of the service that was provided that you feel could be improved, please be specific as this will help us better server your needs as a client moving forward